Development progress of ClassZZ Community 20200816

  • 1.main network upgrade

    In the overall test of the main network

    2 supervision robot

    Robots to enter the development phase

    Data statistics

    1 total amount of pledge as of now: 108 million
    2 current block height: 658976
    3 current network computing power: 1,458,464,081,516.4827 H/s
    4 current mining difficulty: 58,359,440,119,171.125
    5 number of current currency holding addresses: :13680

    Expected tasks for next week

    1. Add more interfaces and improve the function of the whole lighthouse
    2. Prepare for interface testing and functional testing
    3. Optimize the existing main network program and improve the main network document
    4. Developing SDK

    About CZZ:
    The core function of CZZ network is to realize large-scale decentralized asset trading, so CZZ attaches great importance to cross chain technology. At the beginning of December 2019, the first main network upgrade was completed, and now the one-way cross chain transaction between CZZ and Doge / LTC has been successfully implemented. It is expected that Q2 will realize the transaction pairs of CZZ and BTC, usdt Omni, ETH, usdt-erc20, BCH and BSV, as well as bilateral decentralized transactions with all the above currencies in 2020.

    The essence of CZZ is a public infrastructure chain of decentralized finance. There will be 90 special consensus addresses (Lighthouse addresses) in the chain, which will provide businesses with the cross chain transaction function of decentralized mainstream token. Lighthouse address is available to exchange, wallet, OTC and community for registration. For non mainstream token with zero cost block scheme, it will also provide cross chain basis for matching.
    At 00:00, September 1, 2019, New Zealand time and 20:00, August 31, 2019, the official main network mining has been opened. It is expected to be halved in September 2020.

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    Community website:
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