CZZ & Uniswap decentralized oracle mechanism design

  • In Uniswap, each address can provide a quotation such as the ETH/CZZ trading pair. If the current 1ETH=400CZZ, the scale is xETH and 400xCZZ, the commission is paid λxETH, and the mining commission scale is paid to participate in mining and get CZZ.

    Then A address is deposited into the fund pool 2ETH and 800CZZ, and a handling fee of xETH needs to be paid. The transfer address is XXXXXX. The time of the payment on the chain of the A address to pay the handling fee shall prevail. If the payment handling fee is 1 ETH.x=1

    The quotation of address A has a verification period of about 10 minutes. Anyone can become a verifier. During the verification period, arbitrage can be realized. If the price is not traded after the verification period, the price will form a stable price and the total amount can be mined. An additional 20% of the CZZ volume of the current ratio of λ, if the price is 1:400, then the total amount of A address can be mined is 1 * x * 400 * (1+0.2)=480 CZZ.

    Because the Uniswap fund pool is for everyone to buy and sell in proportion, if at the price of ETH/CZZ=1:400, three addresses from ABC provide the fund pool, of which only address A is placed in the fund pool with 2 ETH and 800 CZZ, Address B is put into the fund pool 1 ETH and 400 CZZ, and address C is put into the fund pool 3 ETH and 1200 CZZ. And only address A provides quotation mining, addresses B and C do not provide quotation mining.

    Then, within the range of 1:400 error (0.1%) within the range of 1:400 transaction CZZs greater than or equal to 800 CZZs during the verification period (within 1 hour) of the offer provided by address A, address A will lose the mining qualification and the handling fee will be settled 30% deducted within the time and returned to address A (168 hours in 7 days a week is the settlement time), and so on.

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