Development progress of ClassZZ Community 20200803

  • 1.Main network upgrade

    The treatment of increasing the amount of freedom

    2.release and test the main network

    I am going to upgrade the second version of the test program, please stay tuned

    3.Supervise robots

    Prepare to supervise the robot architecture

    Data statistics

    1.The total amount of the pledge shall be current : 108 million

    2.Height of current block : 631930

    3 Current net computing power : 1,946,060,083,689.9197 H/s

    4 current mining difficulty : 82,936,421,206,423.45

    5 Current number of coin addresses : 13661

    Project tasks for next week

    1. Add more interfaces and improve the function of the whole lighthouse

    2. Prepare for interface tests and functional tests

    3. Optimize the existing program of the main network and improve the documents of the main network

    4. Develop the SDK

    About CZZ :

    The core function of CZZ network is to achieve large-scale decentralized asset trading, so CZZ attaches great importance to cross-chain technology. In early December 2019, the first upgrade of the main network was completed, and now the one-way cross-chain transaction between CZZ and Doge/LTC has been successfully landed. CZZ transaction pairs with BTC, USDT-Omni, ETH, USDT-ERC20, BCH, AND BSV are expected to be realized in Q2 of 2020, as well as two-way decentralized transactions with all of the above currencies.

    The essence of CZZ is a public chain of decentralized financial infrastructure, which will provide 90 special consensus addresses (lighthouse addresses), a total of 90. The lighthouse addresses will provide merchants with the cross-chain transaction function of decentralized mainstream Token. Lighthouse addresses are available for exchanges, wallets, OTC, and communities to apply for registration. Token, which is not mainstream and has zero cost block-out scheme, will also provide a matching cross-chain basis.

    New Zealand time on September 1, 2019 00:00 Beijing time on August 31, 2019 20:00 has started the official main network mining. The time is expected to be halved in September 2020.

    Making address:

    Community site:

    Community forum:

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