Development progress of ClassZZ Community 20201213

  • 1.Main network upgrade

    Main network economic model upgrade, adding ETH, TRX in SWAP across the chain.
    Has entered the contract testing phase


    The Web interface has been redesigned and the interface system is under development

    Data statistics

    1 total amount of pledge as of now: 108 million

    2 current block height: 899112

    3 current network computing power: 926,802,943,502.5234 H/s

    4 current mining difficulty: 41,207,405,385,117.766

    5 number of current currency holding addresses: 14002

    Expected tasks for next week

    1. Add more interfaces and improve the function of the whole lighthouse
    2. Prepare for interface testing and functional testing
    3. Optimize the existing main network program and improve the main network document
    4. Developing SDK

    About CZZ:

    CZZ technology community will release CZZbeacon in December, which will be the best choice for cross-chain trading of all kinds of swap. CZZ will open all kinds of swap (Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc.) through Justswap in wave field and ethereum.

    At 00:00, September 1, 2019, New Zealand time and 20:00, August 31, 2019, the official main network mining has been opened. It is expected to be halved in September 2020.

    GitHub address:
    Community website:
    Community Forum:

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