CZZ & Btswap launches liquidity mining

  • The CZZ technology community will launch liquidity mining as soon as Btswap goes online. In the ETH/CZZ trading pair, you can not only get Btswap platform token, but also get incentives by providing liquidity within a week:

    1. The CZZ technology community will provide 21,000 CZZs, which is about 1/4 of the current actual circulation;
    2. The ETH/CZZ trading pair is currently open, and will continue to open other trading pairs in the future;
    3. The address which buy or sell CZZ will get 70% of CZZ as incentive and the liquidity pool will get 30% of CZZ;
    4. 3,500 CZZ will be mined in the first week, 1750 in the second week, halved every week, and continue in 10 weeks;
    5. The statistics will be counted once a week, 0-24 o’clock is counted as one day;
    6. The buy addresses get 70% * 70% of the daily total CZZ, and sell addresses get 70% * 30% of CZZ, liquidity pool gets 30% of the total daily CZZ;
    7. Trading and providing liquidity for CZZ will also get Btswap's platform tpken BT.

    CZZ contract address:


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